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Aluminum – anodic oxidation

In the practice of anodic oxidation of aluminum there are different process variants such as anodizing, electrolytic coloring, electrolytic glossing and hard anodising. In all cases the goods, here the aluminum, are connected as an anode, in contrast to many galvanic processes.

MUNK provides expertise and support
In order to guarantee a high level of process reliability and reproducibility, MUNK offers the best basis for every user with its special power supplies and process control units. The electronic DC power supply, designed for the practical user, guarantees maximum efficiency (degree of efficiency) and durability (high degree of protection IP 54).

Due to almost 50 years of experience in the field of anodizing aluminum, MUNK provides a high level of expertise and support. As a manufacturer of all known designs, MUNK GmbH stands out from other providers.

Thanks to the well-versed knowledge of our engineers, information and advice can be provided quickly and plausibly. This offers the customer security and creates a contribution to his sustainable investment thinking. A necessary service to refute the now dishonest, false marketing statements made by some providers.

MUNK products for the anodic oxidation of aluminum