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Titanium anodization

Titanium materials have been used in medical technology for many years. Titan offers e.g. B. significant advantages over other materials due to its good corrosion resistance. Since experience shows that there is no immunological rejection reaction, titanium is usually used as an implant in medical technology and dentistry.

Titanium can be color anodized for better differentiation. The color spectrum extends z. B from brown, blue, yellow, violet to green and much more. The desired color tone results from the respective layer thickness, which is generated by means of a controlled process voltage. The usual voltage range is between 10-120 V.

High quality products for your demanding process
Since a high degree of reproducibility is important in titanium anodizing, high demands are made on the DC power supply. With the device family psp family, especially in the design with multifunction display (MFD 10), a high-quality product is available for the demanding process.

MUNK products for titanium anodization