Electro Chemical Machining (ECM)

Already in the fifties of the last century electrochemical removal processes which are generally described as ,,Electro Chemical Machining” (ECM) were used. Since the beginning of the 21st century the ECM process has been optimized continually all over Europe by means of special pulse current technologies. This procedure is currently being used successfully in medical technology, aviation industry as well as in special machinery.

MUNK pulse current devices for individual use
MUNK GmbH has decades of experience in the production of conventional DC high current devices as well as special reverse pulse current power supplies (AxD with VPC) for individual use which provide just the right solution for this process demand. Only technologies which have a dynamic performance, a sharp current increase as well as a graphic design of pulse patterns are suitable for ECM processes.

Für ECM-Pulsanwendungen sind nur Technologien geeignet, die neben der grafischen Gestaltung von Pulsmustern (Software Windows-basierend) ein extrem steiles Stromanstiegsverhalten und ein sehr dynamisches Regelverhalten aufweisen.

Das Pulsgerätespektrum von MUNK startet mit wenigen mA und reicht bis zu 30 kA – je nach Prozessgestaltung.

Munk pulse unit technology for the ECM