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Electroless Nickel Plating – Chemical Nickel

In modern plants used for electroless nickel plating, high-quality stainless steels (1.4571 and others) are increasingly used nowadays.

All components that come into direct contact with the electrolyte must be made of an equivalent material.

With the anodic tank protection processor PKA 2 3.0, which in its form is the only one to include a self-optimizable control mechanism, electroless nickel processes are safeguarded to the highest degree and equipment is optimally protected.

The PKA 2 optimizes the tank protection potential
Since then, it has been common practice that the tank protection, often referred to as protectostat or potentiostat, is preset to a fixed voltage value of e.g. 0.8 V. The PKA 2 offers this basic functionality.

The PKA 2-5-3.0 offers this basic functionality as standard. In addition, the PKA 2 has a so-called self-potential SCAN, with which continuous self-optimization of the protection potential is possible. With the help of this function, the electrolyte-specific “life expectancy” (MTO) can be achieved safely and permanently.

Due to the versatile construction types, such as wall-mounted housing, 19″ rack or front door installation as well as the 5 A or 10 A variants, the PKA 2 offers individual installation options.


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