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KTL / ATL / ETE – electrodeposition painting process

The electrodeposition coating process, or ETL for short, is used for maximum protection against corrosion. Depending on the requirements, either continuous flow systems or cyclic dipping systems are used for anodic dip painting (ATL) or cathodic dip painting (KTL).

The direct current supply offers a high direct current quality and is implemented in air or water-cooled technology. As a central power supply, the power is adjusted via silicon thyristors, which also enable process-relevant current or voltage control. Depending on requirements, there is either a medium-voltage or a low-voltage feed.

Due to decades of experience, the ETL systems meet all process-relevant requirements. With the help of the current density control (ESA) specially developed for ETL, the ETL concept guarantees a sustainable quality image.


MUNK DC power supplies for the KTL / ATL / ETE electrodeposition painting process

KTL / ATL / ETE DC power supplies


Interfaces: Analog 0 – 10 V DC, 0 (4) … 20 mA, Profibus DP and others

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