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Galvanic Circle III

Electroplating Circle – Good ideas presented in your area

Under this motto, the Galvano-Zirkel partners Aucos, Harter, Linnhoff & Partner, Mazurczak, Munk and Sager + Mack met at Munk GmbH in Hamm Westphalia and presented to 110 attendants on 2 days, in the form of a 2G presence event, and in front of more than 60 online participants in the live stream, the latest developments and ideas for the electroplating industry. Supplemented by Öko-Zentrum NRW GmbH, an independent energy consultant with over 40 employees, technical innovations and practical funding opportunities in the field of energetic innovation were presented in Hamm.

The visitors and online participants expressly praised the high practical relevance of this format. Intensive questionnaires and the exhibition made it possible for each participant to receive the information that was important to him, according to the general tenor of the participants.

Not old stuff, but the latest results of creative work in the individual companies were presented. The Covid-19 virus has only led to a social but not to a creative standstill.

The topics presented covered all essential areas of modern electroplating. AI-supported system planning, data-based maintenance via app, energy-efficient drying, efficient process temperature control using heat exchangers, secure connection technology and, last but not least, the new rectifier series gamma L 3+, which increases the efficiency of standard switched-mode rectifier devices by another 4%, were presented. The program was rounded off by the 120% increase in funding opportunities as of November 1st, 2021 and the practical information from the energy consultant Öko-Zentrum NRW GmbH, who is already experienced in the electroplating sector.

After the stations in the Hohenlohe region in central Germany, in the Allgäu in the south and now in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Galvano-Zirkel will head west and then east in 2022. To present innovations concentrated, locally, in the individual regions in Germany to the branches of industry, that is the motto and the format of the GALVANO circle.