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New apprentices in 2021

Apprenticeship at Munk GmbH – the future safely under control

Munk GmbH has been active in the field of training for the professions of electronics technician for industrial engineering and industrial clerk for years.

With Mr. Kreyenbaum and Mr. Matuszek, our trainees have had two trainers at their side for several years. This proves that qualified training is very important to our company and the trainees also benefit from the comprehensive support. 10% of our employees have already completed their training at Munk GmbH and were employed in the company immediately afterwards or after further qualification.

This year, too, we were able to welcome new trainees at the start of training on August 1, 2021.

Kim Bredthauer (left) and Salejha Akel Bei (right) are trained as industrial clerks. Denis Schaber (left) and Elias Görsch (right) are training to become electronics technicians for industrial engineering.

We wish our trainees a lot of fun and success in learning their chosen profession.

We are already happy to accept applications for the 2022 apprenticeship year. We will start the selection process for this at the beginning of next year.


above: Denis Schaber, Elias Görsch
below: Kim Bredthauer, Salejha Akel Bei