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Ampere-hour meter, Type CC 4000

The direct-current meter CC 4000 is specially designed for operation in Galvanic or Anodic Oxidation Industries.

Product Description
Digital precision AC Ampere hour meter CC 4000 or weight meter with LCD display. Measurements in A sec, A min, A hour.

The CC4000 comes with two pre-programmed meters which work independently from each other.

Counter 1 is normally used for the control or weight processes whilst counter 2 is used as the background counter for the dosing pumps. The display panel is 6 digit. With the simple push of a button the display can be switched from counter 1 to counter 2. Each counter is equipped with a relay output to activate an alarm system or to start a dosing cycle.

Customer Benefits
Extremely flexible to use, the CC 4000 ampere meter has four counting modes, which can be assigned to both counters separately.


Technical Data:

Input Voltage: 50 V-230 V /50 Hz
Input: < 5 W
Measurement Deviation: < 1,5 %
Display: LCD 6-digit
Output Signal Z1: potentialfreier Schließer
Switching Capacity: 250 V / AC<1000 VA
Output Signal Z2: potential-free closer
Switching Capacity: 250 V / AC<1000 VA
Dimensions (W/D/H): 96 / 120 / 48 [mm]
Panel space measuring: 92 / 45 [mm]
Built-in depth incl. plug, cable: 140 mm
Weight: 0,5 kg

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