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Over Current Monitor, Type OCD 1/500

The over current monitor may only be installed in rectifiers that are employed in modern process engineering in the fields of copper-plating, nickel-plating, chromium-plating, anodising, manufacture of printed-circuit boards and galvanisation.

Product Description
The overcurrent monitor measures the voltage at the shunt. If the shunt voltage exceeds a set value, a comparator changes over and starts a ramp-function generator. After a certain time delay, the output relay is changed over. If the overcurrent has decreased to a value below the set operating point before the ramp-up time of the integrator has been reached, the ramp-function integrator will be reset and the output relay will not change over. In case of a new over current, this process is started again. If a very high over current occurs, the output will be changed over without the time delay of the integrator.


Technical Data:

Supply Voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
Rated Value for shunt resistor: 60 mV
Output Relay 1: Load Relay 250 VAC 10 A
Output Relay 2: Relay 24 VDC 0,1 A
Dimensions (B/T/H): 45 / 70 / 110 [mm]
Recommended Setting Range: 50…70 mV

Article-ID 56953   (Standard version)

Article-ID 56963   (with reset button)

Block Diagram