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PSP 1525

Individual use in processes or process areas where regulated DC power supplies are required, especially in rack and barrel systems in electroplating lines.

Product design
Highly efficient, ultra-compact rectifier unit, size PSP 1525, in modular design for wall mounting. The DC power supply is modular and easy to maintain, integrated in a stainless-steel casing, with open cooling water circuit.

The DC output is via CU rails at the bottom of the stainless-steel casing. The cooling water temperature is up to 30°C. The unit is short-circuited proof and equipped with an overtemperature monitoring system.

Customer benefits
Thanks to the high protection grade (IP 54), the device can be installed close to tanks either horizontally or vertically.


Technical Data:

Mains voltage: 3 x 380-480 V, 50-60 Hz +PE
DC output voltage: up to 25 V
Ripple: < 3 %
Duty factor: 100 %
Efficiency: > 90 %
Adjustment: 0-100 %
Ambient temperature: + 40 °C
Cooling: Water
Dimensions (W/D/H): 600/265/805 [mm]
Weight: 85 kg
Protection grade: IP 54
Colour: stainless-steel (unpainted)

Interface options

  • Galvanic isolated set- and actual values 0-10 VDC
  • Profibus