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PowerRack, air-cooled

Electroplating processes, water treatment, special electrolytic applications, process technology that supports direct current, automatic processes, pulse applications

Product Design
Modern surface technology places high demands on the process infrastructure. As a scalable rectifier device, the PowerRack is the flexible power supply for almost any DC process. An optional, redundant design guarantees the user the highest level of process reliability. Due to the 19 “technology, the PowerRack concept bundles high performance in a small space.

Regardless of the expected environment, the air-cooled and water-cooled devices offer optimal conditions for efficient continuous operation.


Customer benefits
Compact, expandable, flexible (low residual ripple), for current and voltage constant control, available redundantly, lightweight, each power module has its own DC power supply.


  • MFD Terminal (manual)
  • Analog 0-10 V / 0..20 mA
  • Profibus DP

Block Diagram
The primary switched-mode power supply consists of five elementary functionalities:
In the line filter (1), on the one hand, high-frequency disturbance variables that arise on the device side are reduced in accordance with the standards. On the other hand, the line filter serves to dampen the interference voltages superimposed on the supply network. The voltage is converted into a DC voltage in the mains rectifier (2). The power electronics (3) in turn transform the DC voltage into a stepped AC voltage with pulse width modulation. The internal transformer (4) provides galvanic isolation and voltage adjustment to the secondary side. On the output side, it is first rectified with the aid of fast power diodes, then filtered and sieved (5). A constantly smoothed and fully controllable direct voltage and fully controllable direct current are generated at the output.

Technical Data
Mains voltage: 3 x 380 – 480 V / 50 – 60 Hz
Output current: 100 A to 7500 A
Output voltage: 6 V to 150 V
Ripple: < 3 %
Duty cycle: 100 % (24/7)
Power factor: > 0,95
Efficiency: > 87% /> 90%
Operating modes: Manual and remote operation (0 – 10 V)
Ambient temperature:

up to + 35 ° C

up to + 50 ° C with reduced output

Dimensions (W/ D/ H): 600/800/2000[mm] (+ 100 mm base)
Protection grade: IP 23
Colour: RAL 7035