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Alpha L (1,5 kW)

Electroplating Processes, Electro-Polishing, Laboratory Applications, Tampon-Galvanizing, Coating Technology, Pulse Applications

Product Design:

The compact and easy to transport PSP Boxes, size alpha L are a ready to go system. Special coating ensures a high corrosion protection. Mains supply can be easily achieved by a socket. The rectifier can be operated via current / voltage control.

Equipped with a clearly arranged digital display the rectifier guarantees a good readability. Optional features are programmable Ah-/Amin-/ Asec meters, timers, ramp functions and pulse applications.

The advanced air guiding system used inside ensures that the life time of our PSP Box can be further expanded even in harsh environment.

Our PSP Box alpha L is also available as a module/plug-in unit and optionally with multi-functional display MFD10.


Block diagram:
The switch-mode rectifier is featured with the following five functions:
High-frequent disturbances are reduced in the mains filter (1). On the other hand the mains filter is used to dampen the interference voltages. The mains rectifier converts the voltage into DC voltage (2). The power electronics (3) then convert the DC voltage pulse width modulated into a staircase-shaped alternating voltage. The internal transformer (4) stands for a galvanic potential separation and voltage adjustment on the secondary side. On the output side rectification is achieved by fast power diodes (5). On the output side a constantly smoothed and fully controllable DC voltage is generated.


Customer Benefits:
Easy to operate, for individual use, scalable, short-ciruit-proof, low ripple, controllable via SPS or PC. The easy replacement of fans and the electronic protection devices accessible from the outside result in an easy-to-service device. Another benefit is the low and compact design which allows an easy stacking of several devices.

Technical Data alpha L (1.5 kW):
Mains Voltage: 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Output Power max.: 1,5 kW
Current Range max.:/th>

150 A
Voltage Range max.: 400 V
Dimensions (W/D/H): 276/370/149 [mm]
Weight: 10 kg

Option: Analog, Profibus DP, ProfiNET, Modbus