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FST 1200 – Remote control and programming unit for the connection of electronic devices

Clear – easy to understand – robust

With the new operator terminal series -1200, the FST 1200 offers the entry into the new compact class of comfort controls. The FST 1200 has a clear and easy to understand menu navigation and offers the user the possibility to quickly query actual value information even when wearing a work glove.

FST 1200

The remote control and programming unit is characterized by the operating modes manual and automatic. In manual mode, the FST 1200 behaves like a conventional remote control. All functions are performed directly via the touch panel. In automatic mode, the previously selected programs run.

In the age of Industry 4.0, the FST 1200 fulfills many process-relevant possibilities, which can also be integrated on a higher level via the standard ProfiNET interface. 

The simple operation and the robust design (IP 54) guarantee highest productivity and highest availability.


Industry 4.0
Do you want to know at any time how many batches you have already produced today? Do you want to provide your customer with a production log with the delivery at the touch of a button?

We support you on your way to Industry 4.0 by means of the industry-proven Ethernet interface. The optional mobile and remote access functions allow protected communication and thus data exchange from the process bath to your customer’s warehouse.