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DCAC 1200 – Power Supply and Control System for the Electrolytic Coloring of Aluminium

Consistent – Reproducible – Versatile

The digital control algorithm used in combination with the clearly structured HMI ensures consistent coloring results load by load without adjusting the program to each load. This leads to improved line productivity and process quality.

The HMI supports the operator in retrieving the correct color program for reproducing the requested color day by day. Consistent quality is the result.

The program memory and color-coding system that allow easily storing and retrieving special color shades meet the demand for custom-made design and unique color shades.

Diese auf den Prozess abgestimmten Funktionen sind die Basis für das Erreichen einer hohen Produktivität. Eine Investition, die sich lohnt.

Functions and features designed for the particular requirements of the process are the key to achieve high productivity – an investment that gives good returns.

DCAC 1200
Only a tool designed for the needs it is used for can ensure an easy and successful accomplishment of a complex task. The DCAC 1200 is designed to successfully operate the electrolytic coloring process of aluminum.

The layout of the DCAC 1200 reflects our process-driven design. Owing to its compact size and sealed control panel, the power supply can be placed close to the process tank to ensure highest efficiency and monitor the process for obtaining a more consistent quality.

An industrial 9“ touch panel serves as operator HMI. The clearly structured design makes it easy to set and retrieve color programs. The graphics-enabled screen provides all the process information required to verify the process online. In combination with the IF 1200 modification power supply the available color range of the DCAC 1200 can be further extended by the interference colors grey, green and blue.

The applied power conversion technology of the DCAC 1200 is another key factor of the success of the DCAC coloring power supplies supplied by us for the last three decades. By means of a digital control circuit, the sine wave AC power signal is continuously monitored to achieve high color consistency and short process times at the same time. For further improving the operating efficiency of our coloring power supply, we continuously optimize all power components.

The clearly structured HMI design, the optimized and conditioned power signal combined with our design concept ensure high productivity, high color consistency and successful operation for years.


IoT / Industry 4.0
Do you always like to know how many loads you have already produced today? Would you like to supply your customer with a production log when delivering the goods?

We support you on your way to IoT / Industry 4.0 by means of the tried-and-tested Ethernet interface. The optional mobile and remote access functions allow for protected communications and thus for data transfer from the process tank to your customer’s warehouse.