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Electrolysis (hydrogen)

Without DC-current, the CO2-free sustainable energy turnaround will not succeed; because green hydrogen needs direct current.

Power Conversion, the conversion of mains alternating current or three-phase current into a controllable direct current of the highest quality, that is the core competence of our company.

At our site in Hamm, we manufacture electrolysis rectifier units in the power range from a few kW up to 5 MW as individual units. Highest efficiency in energy conversion, robustness and the competence to define together with you the rectifier solution optimized for your process characterize our products.

Our devices supply the necessary DC energy in the range of 60 V – 900 VDC and current of 1000 A – 25000 A without cascading.

A CO2-free value creation needs green hydrogen. We supply you with the DC current for this.


MUNK DC power supplies for electrolysis