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Water Treatment

Water is an essential and important resource and should therefore be treated with the highest responsibility. In water treatment processes efforts are made to use as little chemicals as possible.

Waste water treatment

Water treatment of wastewater is carried out by filters and other suitable methods. To support this, DC power supplies are often used, which can precipitate or separate chemical residues (including metal ions) via an electrolytic process.

Water treatment

Rectifier devices are used to treat drinking water and to produce ultrapure water. To obtain ultrapure water, reverse osmosis is used, e.g. with electrochemical deionization (EDE). In swimming pools, electrolysis is used with rectifier devices to disinfect the water.

High-quality DC power supplies made by MUNK
MUNK GmbH has supplied a lot of power supplies in the field of water treatment. Whether for the manufacture of pharmaceutical water, drinking water or for the desalination of sea water, high-quality DC power supplies made by MUNK are constantly used.

Please feel free to contact us! Our many decades of experience will help you to find the power supply that meets your requirements optimally.

MUNK DC Power Supplies for Water Treatment Processes