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AS 1200

Smart – Fast – Efficient – Reliable
The AS 1200 is a smart solution. Closed-loop control, automatic monitoring and data logging ensure increased productivity and error prevention.

Owing to a special current density control mode, you will reach your goal faster and reliably obtain the required layer thickness: The same quality, less refinishing, higher process reliability and efficiency.


AS 1200 Process Controller
Simplified, intuitive operation and increased productivity are only two of the essential advantages the AS 1200 offers. The control algorithm optimized to the needs and requirements of decorative anodizing guarantees shortest process times. The industrial graphics-enabled touch panel supports intuitive operation. Additional process information is displayed as numerical values and trend lines on the screen.

The digital interface facilitates the integration of the device into a modern Ethernet-based network. This ensures flawless data exchange between production and order management.

Optional functions allow for an online production control via digital interface not only at the PC but also on mobile devices.

More power in an even smaller space – this is another feature of the AS 1200 compared to the successful previous generation. Hardly bigger than the 9” screen, the AS 1200 can be installed almost everywhere.

Main Features

  • Graphics-enabled color touch panel for intuitive operation
  • Ethernet interface for data exchange
  • Target setting instead of process data presetting; i.e. presetting layer thickness and A/dm² (A/ft²) instead of voltage and time or current and time
  • Shortest process times due to our optimized current density control algorithm
  • Additional new features are available as options: scanner, remote access and mobile device functions

Block diagram


IoT / Industry 4.0
Do you always like to know how many loads you have already produced today? Would you like to supply your customer with a production log when delivering the goods?

We support you on your way to IoT / Industry 4.0 by means of the tried-and-tested Ethernet interface. The optional mobile and remote access functions allow for protected communications and thus for data transfer from the process tank to your customer’s warehouse.